StabbyMcStabStab - Banned for cherry-picking syndie games

SS14 account: StabbyMcStabStab
Character name: Cindy Kate
Type of Ban: Game Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 29/10/2022
Reason for Ban: The server is so busy right now I’m unable to get the exact wording, however it basically said I was cherry picking syndie games
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: This was a complete surprise to me. After maybe 16+ hours of playing that day (a bit much, I know) I was banned for what seems to be cherry picking Syndie games. I played an awful lot that day and stopped to do RL tasks / go somewhere a handful of times during that. I didn’t consider that starting that last game and changing my mind to get some sleep would be seen as cherry picking Syndie games. I see having a role taken up and being SSD will hurt the games experience for others, and get that rolling a syndie should not be a reason to continue playing. I apologise for it there was no ill intent
Why you think you should be unbanned: I wasn’t malicious or even conscious that the violation was occurring. Though not always good with regard to memory of them I do respect the rules and it is an easy switch for me to be mindful not to start the match if there’s a good chance I can’t see it through. I don’t like to ruin others experiences and will do what’s needed to avoid that.
Anything else we should know: I don’t believe so cheers


I managed to get to the message. It was:

Antag rolling. Logging out at the round start because you didn’t get traitor isn’t fair play.


So I guess it doesn’t affect the above.




To clarify the reason for the ban a bit further, it is my understanding that you were appeal-banned for this as a result of your ban history, with this being your third ban within six weeks. 

After reviewing your appeal as well as connection log history, your story lines up with what I’m seeing on the back end. I am simply not seeing any malicious or metagaming intent with your connections/disconnections in relation to any antag role being given. As such, your appeal is accepted and your ban will be lifted momentarily. 

My only recommendation is if you feel tired, try not to ready up for a round that could last up to 90 minutes. Really puts a damper on one’s sleep schedule. Otherwise, you’re all set.

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