starbucks-Banned for using VPN

SS14 account username: [starbucks]
Ban reason: [Using a vpn to connect]
Date of ban: [July 6th]
Length of ban: [N/A]
Events leading to the ban: [A friend told me about this game and its code base as we are both Computer science students at the University of Waterloo. I connected to the game for the first time to play and hope to contribute to the project. It gave me a ban for using a vpn and I get why you implemented that filter. The internet in my dorm is stupid and has a big brother firewall that blocks most games. Vpns work like a charm for other games but you guys have a filter so I wish to get a exemption so I can play and get involved with this epic project]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I did nothing wrong and I get why you have that filter but I am a legit player not a bot and would love to get in on such a cool game!]

Your connection attempts coincide closely with another user (still) attempting to evade their ban. We will not be granting an exemption for this request.

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