Stealth16 - Beanyboi69

SS14 account: Beanyboi69
Character name: Maintenance Drone
When was the ban: 4/16/22
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard’s Den
Your side of the story: deconstructed wall because i thought round was ending.
Why you think you should be unbanned: only populated server to play on, and the mistake was on my part, didnt know that didnt actually end the round.

Why’d you leave the round instead of talking to me when I asked you what you were doing

instinct, that was on my part

1 hour ago, Beanyboi69 said:

instinct, that was on my part

So your instinct was to leave rather than explain that this was a simple mistake?

You can understand why that leaves a bad impression on us, right?

Leaving instead of talking to us simply tells me you knew you did something bad and wanted to escape the consequences by closing the game.

I’m beanys friend its my fault i dared him to do it and got him in trouble so you can blame me.

Oh, you were metacomming too?

Appeal denied. Both of you can make a new appeal in three days.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals