Stealth16 - Wreck


SS14 account: Wreck
Character name: MJ Pepsi Jackson
When was the ban: Approx 7PM on Saturday March 19 2022
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: 

This appeal is for a week-long role ban removal.  The 3 hour ban would most likely be expired by the time of your reading this.  

    The incident in question is was over my shooting two characters in security.  My role was HOS, and it was the very start of the round.  I had been storing my gun at the time to my backpack.  Then all of a sudden I saw the mime shoot a gun at an officer from around the corner.  I made a quick decision to go and fire back to stop them from killing anyone.  The mime dropped, and dropped the gun.  While I was trying to make sense of the situation, the clown picked it up.  I instructed them to drop it, and upon giving them a chance to do so, he did not comply.  Suspecting that if I don’t act now I may not be able to, I shot the clown.  My next intention was to take them to med immediately.

Next, Stealth messaged me.   I have attached a screenshot of our conversation for easy reference.  

Why you think you should be unbanned:     I have 167 hours in this game so far, and I have read the rules many times.  I consider myself one of the people who holds themselves to a high standard in this community.  I have seen how much of a problem bad players are here.  I have mitigated poor sec actions in the past, like long jail times, or abuse.  I believe I have never abused power in this game.  I have always tried my hardest to be the most fair to everyone.  

    My character, Pepsi Jackson’s first bit was to be only positive, because of all the negativity I saw in this community at the time.   I also understand that the moderators here have a tough job, and can be restrictive and tough in this situation because of the rampant abuse from players in powerful roles.    At the same time I have learned that when killers, poor players and even traitors acting justifiably in their role act destructively, it is necessary respond quickly and decisively.  

    In this situation I did not have time to fiddle with my inventory.  Since it was so early in the round I had not even equipped non-lethals to hot keys or pockets.  Most importantly I was responding what I believed was lethal force from a player.  I have always adhered to the escalation of force rule here in the way that I understand it.  I believe Stealth did not fully grasp what happened.  It may be easy for them to tell it was a cap gun, but from my perspective it was not obvious.  

    At the end of the day, those players were revived and their opportunity to play was not a prolonged restriction.  With respect to the rules, the admins and the players of this game, I believe my actions were arguably justifiable and that I am being unfairly withheld from the HOS role.  I want to do right by this community.  I believe in it.  I have always tried to be a positive force here.  My other characters are meant to be funny bits.  If I am truly in the wrong here I respect the admins decision.  However I think a warning is sufficient and not a role ban.  

    In the future I intend to focus even more on using non-lethal force in a problematic situation.  Please grant me the privilege to play Head of Security again.

Anything else we should know: This is not very relevant but I have also have spent a lot of hours just learning how to use general MIDI and make my music compatible with this game.  I really do have love for this community and I hope the admins will see that.  

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Appeal accepted. Look into running around with our lord and savior, the taser.

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