Steame 17 banned due to joining cargonia while not antag (ban reaapeal)

SS14 account username: Steame 17
Role(s): all of cargo salvage and all that stuff
Date of ban: jan 27 19:40
Length of ban: Unspecified
Events leading to the ban: I joined cargonia beacause of both in game inwxpirience and a really bad case of myopia,also a ssethtzzac video encoraged mislead me to do so he didnt say it was antag only unless the rules of ss13 is diffrent of course
Reason the ban should be removed: i really want to learn the game more such as salvage role please unban thanks (no more peanut post i really want to learn the role)

What did you mean by this

It was a joke

Why did you chose to make that joke after, supposedly, seeing this in the rules.


Absolutely no Erotic Roleplay (ERP) or sexual content, including direct or indirect mentions of sexual behavior or actions. (YOU WILL GET PERMABANNED)


Yes i mad ethat joke beacues it was a reffrece to a tf 2 video Called no sleep and people can getway with that in tf2 but in here i say penis station 14 and i get a warning i thought it was kinda funny like taht one guy who laughed at my joke


Are you 13

not really im just a not very mature im very aware and working on it i also didnt think saying that would cause so much trouble though i should probably know better this time though

1 hour ago, Steame17 said:

not really

Is this a yes or a no

No im not 13

How old are you.



Our complete disbelief of that statement aside, unanimous admin consensus is to deny this appeal at this time. We are going to request that you wait an additional two weeks (Mar 11, 2023) and write a well-thought-out appeal when the time comes for this ban, as well as refrain from incredibly off-color jokes when writing appeals.

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