Steame17 Role ban from cargo due to accidental self antag

SS14 account username: Steame17
Role(s): Supply Department
Date of ban: jan 27 19:40
Length of ban: [Did not specify]
Events leading to the ban: I joined in cargonia because i thought it was a funny meme turns out it was for antag only looks like i missed it the rules section that you can’t do that if not an antag.
Reason the ban should be removed: i will reread the rules i again very sorry about that won’t happen again.

i have trouble reading text walls


We suggest you power through it in regards to the rules.



Done was a bit hard does this mean i am no longer role banned?


You will recieve a post here plainly indicating if your appeal is accepted or denied when a decision has been made.

ah ok i am a bit sad that i cant say "many pokemon is good for sex’ in the radio as that is agaist the rules

You know I was going to come back and have a vote on this appeal but just based on that comment alone I am going to tell you to re-appeal in two weeks. 

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