[stevemcleave#0553] - [Summarized Reason for Ban: banned for being an asshole] second round of appealing

Discord account: stevemcleave#0553
Banning admin: i think it was vera
Ban reason: got banned for being an ass towards everyone i think
When was the ban: a week ago
Your side of the story: to be honest there isn’t much of a story to begin with, i said something that i forgot about and got instantly banned
Why you think you should be unbanned: i’m sorry? i’ll try not to talk to anyone since having conversations in this discord seems like walking on eggshells, i apologize and i wont ever interact with anyone again, i have learned my lesson <3
Anything else we should know: i whole heartedly apologize to whoever i offended

also something to note, i was told that i was warned several times before for " making extremely rude comments" 

i don’t recall ever being warned before getting instantly banned (no one even mentioned anything about me being rude, i just got straight up insults from people instead which i ignored ofcourse cause i’m not trying to start drama with people), i’m not trying to argue i just thought i’d point that out

edit2: well the only time me being rude was mentioned probably was mentioned 10 seconds before i was banned, but never before that

Consensus of Wizard’s Den Administration is to deny this appeal. You appear to have no social decorum nor ability to follow a conversation and appear to often say something both without thinking and seemingly without reading the replies. Here is a small sample of posts I thought were relevant to this decision.

Appeal again in a month.

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