StinkoBrinkley - metacomms

SS14 account username: StinkoBrinkley

Ban reason: stream sniping / metacomms
Date of ban: 6/2
Length of ban: Appeal Ban
Events leading to the ban: liltenhead was streaming on lizard, i was hammy in the round and went to the kitchen after tuning in to the stream so that i could see myself, me and lilten were both flushed down disposals which were rerouted to singulo, we were both dying to space and singulo. i said hi liltenhead and spammed up and enter to say it a bunch of times to have it show up on stream to be funny.
Reason the ban should be removed: this ban was over 2 and a half weeks ago, and in that time i have played over 80 hours of deltaV MRP. i have been melted and reformed in the mold of MRP and will be a model player on Lizard and Leviathan. As well, i have served my time for my offense and understand how what i did was character breaking and metacoms and how it was against the rules. I have personally apologized to liltenhead who assured me he had no hard feelings. I am very eager to get in and experience the large amount of exciting changes made in my absence.

Denied as per user request.

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