[stream216 "apocalypse"] - [self-antag]

Ban reason: [Self-antag, intentional plasma flood]

Length of ban: [Forever]

Events leading to the ban: [Atmos enginner, not antag. I decided to plasma flood ai core as an act of rebellion due to the removal of the plasma gas miner. No one got killed because barely anyone is in ai core. Ai core was not connected to station.]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I am deeply sorry because I misunderstood the rules. I believed that self-antag was a part of the roleplay and will just get me arrested not banned, for example, an act of rebellion because the crew didn’t like something (me not liking the dissaperance of the plasma miner because it makes my job harder).  I didn’t know the rules of self-antag. I look back into it and realize it was stupid and I’m sorry. I now know the rules of self-antag and will not perform it in the future. I hope that my ban can stop being indefinite, or maybe even lifted. Goodbye.]

My ban is appeal only BTW because “forever” might be mistaken for perma


This appeal was put to a vote amongst the admin team and the resulting action was to sustain your ban, you are free to re-apply in two weeks.


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