Supermuta Guide

The key is to wait until it absorbs one chemical at a time

The ingredients

Weed killer
Kills weeds

Left4zed 10u
Muliplier by 4

Anti kudzu by Having HP so high that it just tanks the kudzu damage

Makes the reactions

Anti dead gene

Heal after Phalaxamine and or weed killer
And Anything Toxic


Add left4zed 100u
adds 4 extra mutations per Mutagen (speeds up Process)

add dilethamine 100u (tank kudzu)
gives very high HP

Wait 5 mins So it has time to Absorb all of the chems

add 1u mutagen wait 3 seconds (1u only so that it doesn’t re mutate again while You are saving it from gene dead and Kudzus)

Then Depending On the lights

Quickly add 10u of weed killer

Add 5u Phalxamine

Add 20u Of Dylovene
for both weed killer and phalaxamine toxins

add 100u of Dielethamine
100 HP heal and increases MAX hp

Wait 5 mins

Then clip if you want or continue going

repeat until satisfied

now you can Have fun with a Plant that Has So many chemicals that you need an Industrial grinder to even extract all of it

or Make Giant Self-healing poisonous and or Acidic Killer tomatoes that Rapidly Multiply By the dozens in a few seconds

its Potentially Station killing but very hard to get and you will probably die if you miss a harvest but it’s there as an option if you are an antagonist

watermelons Adds water when hydroponics full
(don’t swab removes water try swabbing its pollen to another plant so That plant has water instead)

Final Notes

There might be an Update that Completely Just render this guide Obsolete
Like a machine that Saves Plant Genes or modifies seeds to your liking so long as you got the mutation first, but this is the only way to Get Super plants for now I also hope that this guide isn’t too Confusing to follow.

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Were the amounts made through some calculation?
My own opinion about this is that you’re, more or less, piling chemicals at the tray so that in the end something happens
I can see the logic behind it, like using first the “toxic” chemicals (Weed Killer, Phalanximine) and then the Dylovene to heal all damage, and waiting 5 minutes so that the full tray absorbs all 200u of chemicals, but it’s a lot of stuff getting dumped in the tray

(I know that it’s a game and we’re not supposed to start using Excel for stuff like this, so excuse this screenshot)

Then again, as most of botany is, you’re always gambling for results that are never 100%.
Is the result to have min maxed the right chemicals to put in the tray under the 200u limit of it?

If your asking whether or not the end game of botany is to just mix and match chems till you find the most optimal way to mutate. Then yes it is.

Since the clipping nerf, swabbing has basically died. What was once, admittedly forced, way to separate mutations and make a god plant has now turned to putting all mutations into one plant and making a super god plant.