Suspected raider, metacomming, etc

Ban reason: Suspected raider, metacomming, messing with wires, welding and sabo-ing arrivals, bashing random crit person to dead
Length of ban: Until appeal
Events leading to the ban: Well, started playing game on 1/26/24 with friend (GalaxyAtom). I played for a total of two separate occasions and 5 1/2 hours approximately when this occurred (around 2:30am CST). Friend teaching me how to 1. play game and 2. specifically play technician (note I also had the wiki open). I’m not sure if jumping in vc between games and sending questions during match counts as metacomming? 100% admit to welding and sabo-ing doors and messing with wires. Friend did smack what I thought was a dead person, but apparently that wasn’t the case. I’m still too nervous to go by myself and rp, so following friend around. Then, I got a call when admin first messaged friend who tried to explain situation as it was happening. Got the ban. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I’m admitting to complete negligence on my part. Definitely should have read the rules when they first popped up and done even an ounce of research before I started playing. That being said, both of us went through the rules tonight (post ban) and understand what we did wrong as well as just a better understanding of the game (except for the suspected raider part? neither of us are sure what that is). 

I forgot to mention on the other appeal but a raider is typically defined as a player intentionally joining the game to cause grief.

This has been put to an admin discussion and vote of which we have come to the consensus to remove the ban.

The reasons provided in the discussion for this decision were the following:

  • Behavior was similar to raiding in where someone will come and just troll for the hell of it and throw away the account, from your appeal this does not look to be the case.

A message from the banning admin (Sphiral): 
Heya to both of y’all, just wanted to personally apologize for the bans. The only reason this was close was due to you both having extremely similar actions to what we call raiders (an in-team term we use), and had to make a judgement call. The fact you both appealed basically shows that it was a true error, and that neither of you are a raider. I’m sorry for y’all having to do an appeal this soon on into playing, and I hope y’all can have plenty of fun outside of this situation. Hope to see you both in game, and hopefully on good terms. Have a good day/night/designated-time-period!

Appeal accepted - ban removed.

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