SwaggerWagon - Banned for making “ Deez nuts “ Joke

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SS14 account username: SwaggerWagon
Ban reason: Making sexual comment
Date of ban: 05/16/2023
Length of ban: indefinite?

Events leading to the ban: I died and decided to play as a PAI. I gave the clown a list of roleplay commands to give me and I could do stuff, one of which was ‘tell a joke’. After being given the command I asked “ Did you know there aren’t any countries in Africa that start with K?” Usually the response to such a question is “ Kenya.” Therefore leading to the low level punchline “ Kenya fit deez nuts in your mouth.” The clown I was assigned to didn’t even respond Kenya but I still committed.

Reason the ban should be removed: I was trying to think of a joke to tell clown and didn’t realize this was in violation of terms. I apologize and I won’t make any deez nuts jokes.

I hadn’t received any warnings or issues with admins before this, I promise I’m not trying to start trouble and I won’t say stuff like that now understanding it’s against terms. I work a lot and I’ve been loving the game, would love the chance to return and keep playing.

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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