Syndies, PDAs & Security

Recently, I was playing a game of Security during which the usual Syndie shenanigans of blowing up the station occurred. So I decided I should check their PDA because the station was exploding. An ahelp staff then approached me saying you don’t “Have an IC reason to search their PDA”. Which didn’t really make sense to me, but I listened and haven’t done so again but no one is giving me a clear answer and even people in the community don’t know the answer to this question.

I doesn’t make sense to me why there is even a feature to “set your ringtone” if its against the rules to check if they have a ringtone, you can change it so you don’t get caught. Is it against the rules to check earpieces for chips? Is it against the rules to assume Syndies with red suits are syndies? With Energy Swords? Fireaxes? What amount of “meta knowledge” is okay, what isn’t? More over why do you even have a feature to hide the fact that they have a Syndicate PDA if we are not allowed to check it?

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