ThatPerson - joking to motivate the use of bombs through the comms computer as HoP while dying of boredom

SS14 account username: ThatPerson
Ban reason: “Encouraging to bomb the station as the HoP via announcement, almost led to a non-antag welder bombing sec thinking they had permission to. because they were “bored””
Date of ban: March
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: Doing HoP job and office work with a sentient Ian, I was waiting for people to go to the line, and I did it because I was bored. The dog supported me which was funny.
Reason the ban should be removed: I did it while I was in a sarcastic tone (in the announcement), bored, and did it mostly as a joke so that I can do something while waiting for people to line, and this was mostly because of the security officer actually believing the announcement (like you’re a sec officer why would you welder bomb even without permission). I have done other random stuff while I’m bored that have led to admins questioning me. This is also my first ban here (I don’t know if I did this appeal right).

Why would the sec off try to welder bomb anyways

I have a few issues with this appeal I’d like your input on before we discuss it internally:

  1. Emotions such as sarcasm are famously difficult to detect over text. When you said “Yo, bomber dudes, go bomb everything. Attach them to substations or something. I’m really bored, you can do it!”, there is nothing in there that will definitively tell anyone if you are just kidding or not. This is supported by the fact we received an ahelp from a player asking if they had permission to bomb things.
  2. To clarify, a “Security Officer” was not the one trying to take you up on your message, it was a player asking to bomb security (the physical location of the brig). 
  3. This is not your first ban. Your first ban was on January 24th, 2023, for randomly attacking someone as a hampster “because you were bored”, minutes after ahelping to ask if you could attack people and being told no.

You appear to have a particular habit of blatantly breaking the rules due to boredom and this instills little confidence you will not continue to be problematic if we unban you.

Then how can I make up for the problem I’ve caused? Maybe a timed ban to reread the rules or something.


Usually, the banned user is the person that provides us assurance that they can be trusted to abide by server rules.

I don’t think this is so much an issue of you not understanding the rules. I think this is an issue that you get bored and disregard the rules as a form of entertainment. We will discuss this internally.

When can I get unbanned?

When we decide how to process your appeal.

Administrator consensus is to accept this appeal; however, we will be adding on an appeal-only command roleban. If you have some consistent playtime and no issues for two weeks, you may appeal your command roleban. The game server ban will be lifted.

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