the stacking update really fucked over med

now that a full stack of bruise-packs/ointment/bloodpacks/gauze weighs double as it did before, despite not recieving any healing buffs to balance this its basically halved meds ability to help or defib while recieving no benifits, its just a nerf for no reason, nobody was complaining that bruise packs were too light. I know that first aid kits and med belt’s capacities were increased but you cant hold as many meds as you could before and its no longer practical to have a medkit in your backpack. this extends outside of med of course, like wires are also way too heavy. I think the changes were fine in regards to steel and glass but it it just fucks over med.

if medkits weighed 30 but had 35-60 capacity while having a medical only whitelist it would be better, or if  brusiepacks and the like added 1 weight every two items in the stack the problem would be a lot better

also nerfs engi and wreck salv into the ground

Med taking another one for the team.

On a side note, I find it pretty funny that a stack of 20 telecrystals can fit into a size 10 PDA alongside an ID and pen.

stop carrying an entire pharmacy in your backpack

the amount of shit you can carry around as medical was obscene

Also makes it harder to steal half of medical’s stock whenever the CMO decides to put all the doors on EA again for no conceivable reason.

this change has been great you dont get to carry enough stuff to solo carry an entire war.

Tbh it’s the most annoying thing in both Eng med and cargo, but this means that we now have to use our noggins and be more resource managed on wat to get


just get a duffelbag and bring it in one arm