The0ddsAreAgainstMe - "Breaking Most Command Rules"

Ban Reason - Gross incompetence as captain; Encouraging NRP Anarchist behavior through announcements, Powergamed items from security, permed clown for no discernable reason, promoting a random to captain, and suicide. Broke every command rule."

Ban Length - Make an appeal

Events leading to the ban - Started the round by making an announcement, I stated how “the first person to give me all of the clown items gets security gear.” I then went on to security for basic gear and a stinger grenade. Before leaving security, someone was trying to escape jail so I threw a stinger expecting it to be a non-lethal stun accidently killing him (my first time using the item). Then as a joke I framed the clown, putting him into perma. Finally, I left security but had to attend a festival irl giving all my   gear to the grey tider I killed earlier.

Why I should be unbanned - My actions were unacceptable and broke almost every command rule. I have reviewed the rules regarding playing any command related role and understand that I am expected to follow a higher standard when it comes to roleplay. Announcing that I will be trading security gear for stripping the clown of his clothes should be something I should never encourage or reward. Putting someone in perma should never be a joke, and it’s not the captain’s job to decide. Leaving the game to attend something is not an excuse to give everything I own to a random greytider, and I should have instead given it to HOP. Captain is a serious role that plays an important part in a round. Just because I have great power does not mean I can abuse it for my amusement. I promise to never abuse this role again, and understand that continuing to abuse this role will lead to a more permanent ban.


Your last appeal was processed on 12/22, with the caveat that you wait _two weeks _before submitting a new appeal. It has only been 7 days.

Please wait the additional 7 days before re-appealing. 

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