The0ddsAreAgainstMe - "Calling a guy on my team handicapped"

“Being very toxic to other nukies, calling them handicapped and being a dick”
Ban length: 10 days

Me and another nukie were pushing into cargo together to destroy the stations supply alongside anyone unlucky enough to be caught off guard by us. I entered the cargo shuttle, but the other guy was just spinning around in space. This led to the incident where I asked if he was handicapped and to get a move on so we could push into cargo (did not know he was lagging). He eventually got inside but we both died. Admin and I had a long discussion and I was eventually banned.

First of all, I never called anyone else handicapped and the ban description says “them”. I apologized in Ahelp after learning he was lagging and couldnt enter the cargo ship. Additionally, I wasnt all that toxic to my team at all and genuinely tried to lead them. The only time I had an outburst was when I heard we had no fire axe but we eventually agreed that after medical they would push into atmos for an axe. I understand that calling someone handicapped was wrong, but dont think I deserve a 10 day ban rather a temp ban from the role.

(also on a side note can someone report the bug in the discord where you cant see people?? I couldnt see anything but the little job icon above their heads when I walked into cargo)

the part where I said I didnt call anyone else handicapped is a bit iffy, Im refferring to the rest of the team and I still called someone handicapped and im not trying to deny it

You mentioned in you didn’t know why you were being banned in the aHelp, here is some of the related details:

  • Slurs (including variations of slurs, racial, sexual, disability-related , or language closely tied to real-life slurs)


And then just following up in the aHelp malding about how your great and your teammates are not didn’t do you any favors.

The ban length reflects the disability slur, misuse of aHelp and repeat/previous offences in line with the banning policy.

Your meant to work as a team in nukies not antagonize the rest of your team. I suggest you take the time banned to cool off and come back a bit more positive outlook if you want to play here because there is clear trend of toxicity from you that will in all likelihood just land you in a more permanent ban on future incidents.
Appeal denied - ban stands.

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