[thebadman] - [powergaming/metagaming/incompetence]

Role(s): [Security]

Length of ban: [4 days]

Events leading to the ban: [Murder of CE leading to arrest of syndicate engineer; Theft of captain gear by passenger and AOS being put on them; Thief rushing towards weapons which resulted in me opening fire; search of syndicate engineer gear, finding uplink and contraband; Zombie outbreak.

I believe passenger that stole captain gear had insulated gloves so as gear not aligned with passenger job, or lack or it I took it away together with other tools, I believe I only took them for myself after we had whiff of zombies, surely we can relate to all those zapped doors, fences and grilles which makes insulated gloves very desireable.

I took care of stripping and revival of syndicate engineer, spent good time treating the dead and reviving crew and syndie in medbay as syringes as some of meds were not availible to me and med was understaffed; I searched according to this clarification:

I have found out uplink in PDA and notified rest of sec staff, I have then found nocturine contraband and hypopen, acording to #admin-questions on discord “what you see is what you know” so when I saw that I can inject with pen I notified staff again and put it with rest of contraband, made sure criminal records are in order and would not see them again till looc dispute between them and sec, I have given them 7 mins of time which I believe was reasonable for what I believed was mass murder(There were around 6 people dead in medbay that I could see and 4 or so I witnessed coming form engineering) and contraband.

At one point in medbay I saw a “captain” without ID so questioned it about them, apparently it was stolen… Then real captain was in brig so not soon later I realized our AOS target is hiding in plain sight in medbay so I cuffed, searched and processed them, gave them 6 min time or so, I believe among their ill gained posessions were security weapons, quite bit used so I was alarmed that they already attacked people, when releasing them they really wanted their contraband and/or restricted gear back or at very least use it as excuse for someone to open sec locker room door which had sec weapons on tables.

I have tried to talk them out trying to break into security room and continue with the shift released, when it failed I tried flash, stun and cuff them but apparently flash stun can cause you to both fail stamcrit and cuffing which made me chat about how embarrasing it was, during that time they pushed me into door and rushed in direction of weapons I recognized them as a threat and used first weapon my cursor or active hotkey would let me use which ended up being lethal pistol, I have crit them, cuffed and treated with gauze but because I updated criminal records between crit and treatment they kept going between crit and stable state due to bloodloss and I decided to get them treated in medbay in which they suicided, asked higher ups if we should stop revival if they gonna keep on suiciding but got no response so went with revival, they got at least partially treated but because they kept trying to escape I decided to take them to brig as soon as their life was not in danger and to not resort to interrupting them with harm-intent means as I had to punch them once because someone was preventing me from pulling them and I did not want to harm them.]

Reason the ban should be removed: [I did not get response yet on discord of rule clarifications are outdated [Discord](Discord) so assuming they are still correct its perfectly fine to check PDAs during normal search, let alone on arrested mass murderer that have killed a commander. When my character have taken pen they gained IC information its hypopen because it can inject, can be filled, and is filled with most likely nocturine this very moment. Now, bwoink made me read part about headsets so I definitely to have self-report and admit there is some powergaming even in case of such detainee as I did not see the headset being command one or heard about CE encryoption keys missing. I try to not do a bad job and do thorough searches when I can but I have overstept my bounds.

Admins Kai Shiba and Emisse told me many times by now on discord that sec needs to “stop being little bitches” if I were to quote one of them and start using weapons more liberally, released prisoner ran into room with weapons so I recognized them as an armed threat, it wasn’t perhaps same case as armory and warden where they can KOS even captain(Uh, again Kai Shiba? Been few months now so im not sure) from what I heard. I could have just stunned with baton, but I wanted to test flash as I thought even if I failed I would not need to escalate more than stunning and uncuffing outside of brig. I could have stood there silently and wait for stamcrit immunity to wear off but I tried to RP and got punished for it mid-sentece then forced to act quickly when my opponent was in front of disabler, stun batons and pair of cuffs.

I am not sure if I powergamed insualted gloves ahead of time and fell to their charms but if I did it after I had a whiff of zombies I believe that every man, woman and child is entitled to a pair, being permakilled with 327945923754324 shock damage by some damn doors or grilles have left me scarred and even being in middle of lit hallway is not enough for most zombie players to notice and infect your body. Its perfectly reasonable to expect engineers to go on wirecutting spree and act accordingly.]

The ban note mentions the powergaming the insuls and your explanation is essentially the definition of, “Just in case” door is shocked you should have the gloves.
Ban is ended now so I’m going to close this appeal off.

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