TherapyGoth - Damage spawn area with holy hand grenade after shuttle left to Centcom

Ban reason: “damage/disruption to terminal via holy hand grenade”
Length of ban: 1440 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I spawned into the round and immediately got notified that I was a syndicate, and that the shuttle was leaving to Centcom in 10 seconds. I decided this would be a good time to fuck around with the syndicate items because I’m pretty new to the game and I wanted to see how they worked. There was one other person in the area with me and I figured no one else would be joining and even if they did the round was going to end and it wouldn’t matter if anyone could get to the station or not. I purchased the mystery syndicate box and got a holy hand grenade and thought I’d see what it did. I threw it and blew up about a third of the mid round spawn area, the round promptly ended a minute or two later. I got banned early on in the next round without any warning from admins or anything.
Reason the ban should be removed: I didn’t realize that it was doing bad because of the context of the situation, I then went to re read the rules and saw the detail that the round isn’t over and bans will still be applied accordingly until the end round stats screen pops up. I’m still fairly new to the game I’ve only played around 100 hours and that’s over just a few weeks so I’ve not been playing very long at all. I wish I had a chance to talk to an admin before getting banned. I meant no harm and assumed I was doing no harm. I am sorry I did not read the rules as thoroughly as I should have, and have since done so. I love this game and the people in it and I don’t want to cause the server’s players or the admins any trouble. It was an honest mistake and I wont do it again.

Accepted. Please don’t damage the arrivals terminal under any circumstance.

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