TheRatKing(ss14 username)-killed and flushed a clown,didn't do work as hop,suicide before shitend

role/job ban-


Jobs/roles:All heads

Date of ban:I don’t remember the date of the ban…

Events leading to the ban:I killed a clown,and then someone told me to flush him down so I did,then I went to become salvage instead of hop,then suicided since I had to go after becoming a chef.

Reason to remove it:I killed the clown because he stole eva stuff(helmets,mag boots,etc.),then I flushed him because someone told me to(sec),and salv needed a hand,and it was a small server with no one needing hop,I went to help them,and then I saw that there was no chef so I went to be the chef,after retiring,and I had to go so I suicided.

Are you sure it was a secoff that came up with the idea of flushing the clown?


What was this about?


Also, what do you mean it was a small server? It looks like the server was near or at the pop cap of 80. Based on your actions and the fact that your provided reasons to remove the bans, I’m concerned you don’t understand rules critical to command roles including escalation rules and ones about abandoning your position in important roles.

Closed due to inactivity, feel free to open another appeal with a response to the questions asked in this one.

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