There should be more incentive to buy the syndicate jaws of life over the EMAG

At least for opening doors, or breaking and entering.

Currently, the syndie jaws are just a better crowbar. It’s incredibly cheap, but for its price, it doesn’t do much. It used to be able to open bolted doors, but that functionality is long gone.
The EMAG is currently known as the door/locker opener, but so should the jaws. I used it one round to silently sneak into the bridge and get into captain’s room. The stealth gameplay is almost unmatched; you leave nothing behind. Opening a door with jaws is almost as loud as emagging a door, but you leave no evidence to the average player. The door is untampered; everything looks how it was.
This shows how much potential it can have… but no one fucking uses it because there’s so much room to get caught in the middle of the needlessly long doafter. I dont remember if the normal jaws and the syndie jaws have the same doafter time so I’m just going to assume they do and someone can correct me on that later.
While EMAGs can’t break through bolted doors either, jaws should have the functionality to do so again. This’ll give a difference between the two… and it’ll let you choose between which breaking and entering tool you want to use. The doafter time should also be reduced considering its an uplink item and there should be a clear bonus to its normal, non-syndicate counterpart.

I didn’t really put too much thought into making this concise but I hope it makes sense anyway. And for the record, I’m not saying buff the jaws to insane levels of OP, but at least make it worth buying. These are only small adjustments that could be a massive difference.


Right now jaws are pretty much only for opening windoors. The doafter is as fast as if they were unpowered so you can get in, do what you need or start emagging from there leaving you with more charges or just enough then get out.

The doafter is not as fast as if they were unpowered. Syndie jaws of life is not any different from the normal jaws of life at opening doors iirc.

I specifically mentioned they are for WINDOORS because doafter is still very fast. Now airlocks on other hand make you not bother with jaws a tall because evac is going to get called before you get to where you want to be.

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