TheRedJihadist - Ban for "attacking random people" with another player

SS14 account username: TheRedJihadist
Ban reason: “tony fleshman” attacking random people with “osama bin fleshman” and terrible escalation
Date of ban: 3/13/2023
Length of ban: Indefinete
Events leading to the ban: I will be summarizing what happened. I met another person called “Osama Bin Fleshman”, he and I were wondering around and became friends I guess? We were being followed by a detective, we attacked the detective because he was non-stop following us. I was sent to jail, where I said that I was set up by the detective and a random sec. Later on a lawyer (who’se name I cannot remember) appeared and did nothing to help me. When I was released, I noticed how the same detective was dragging my friend (possibly to jail). I attacked the detective in an attempt to free him but then the same lawyer appeared, he attacked me. I managed to knock the detective out, but I was almost killed when I was attacked by the lawyer and a random passenger with a knife.
Reason the ban should be removed: I wasn’t attacking random people, nor was I planning to.

i was in this round as i, as the passenger, helped save det from you and your friend killing him. you were being a shitter well before this (not to mention you obviously know the other player and could easily be communication with them) and taking advantage of the fact that you can only really arrest 1 person at a time, in order to kill det for seemingly no reason. I also think after you and your buddy got critted and dragged to med you both disconnected, but not sure.

I do not remember how “I was being a shitter” before being arrested. And I met the “friend” in game, as in he became my friend that very moment due to the both of us having “Fleshman” in our names. I also wasn’t trying to “kill the det for seemingly no reason”, as I said. The moment I was released from prison I began searching for tools I could use, and so I accidentally found the detective dragging the Osama Bin Fleshman. 
And ofcourse, affter I was knocked out/killed I was banned.

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again no sooner than 2 weeks from now.

Without examining the issues related to your interactions with the other Fleshman player, your own account of the events demonstrates that, while you may not have attacked random players, your attacks were at the very least not in line with escalation/self-antagging rules. When the issues with the other Fleshman are examined, it brings concerns of other rule issues including metafriending.

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