Thronglers should be admeme-only

The throngler’s rarity doesn’t do much to offset the fact that when someone gets their hands on it, they can pretty much single-handedly make the station uninhabitable in a very short amount of time. This kind of sucks, especially since the throngler is basically an instant-kill on anyone who gets in range - medbay gets the victims back up, only for the throngler to drop back by and kill them all again without breaking a sweat.

I don’t want to say the throngler should be removed. But making it an item that can reasonably be acquired by players without admin intervention was a bad idea. Someone needs to put the throngler on the high shelf.


This is almost the debug weapon issue from last christmas all over again lol.

It’s funny when it comes up once every hundred rounds or so tbh. I’ve seen two this past week and they absolutely can and will end the round if someone will a little bit of game sense gets to it.

Like, the throngler is an important part of the game’s heritage. I’d argue that if someone picks it up, they should become an antag. At that point, they are possessed by the spirit of the throngler. It shouldn’t be considered self-antag to pick it up as it is too powerful for any spirit to resist, even the captain should he happen across one. The throngler becomes wielded to their hands permanently. They can no longer remove it. At this point, they are possessed by the spirit to destroy. Only when crit does the throngler disappear, off to another station, and the possessed soul is freed from their bloodlust, with only nightmarish memories of the event.

The throngler has existed for five months, I don’t think it’s that important.

It was watching LIltenfeld’s video about cargo gameplay and the throngler that actually got me to try the game. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Added space-station-14 and removed wizden

My gut reaction here is that, if security or the crew can’t deal with a single murderous rampage with a melee weapon, something is seriously wrong.

Like… Shoot the guy. Or slip them. It can’t be that hard??? It’s not like it has reflect??

as with any (self)antag shrimply stun and cuff

It has Reflect.

It kills in less than 3 seconds, noslips, webvest, and stims equals entire station death

This thing deals 90 damage per hit.

In my professional (noob) opinion, the obvious thing is to nerf the ‘throngler’;
Remove the pickaxe attached so it doesn’t break objects as much and removes 15 damage.
Why does it swing so fast??? Even syndies don’t get weapons that swing that fast. Nerf it to either be the same as Syndicate Fists of the North Star, or a harder nerf to as fast as the attached knife.
Now the Thronglite does 75 damage a hit as fast as a knife. Still OP as hell, but now you at least have a ROBUST chance to drop SOAP at their feet, or use disabler from a distance and tank a hit before going down.