Timbers the bat banned for Cargonia during 23556 and Ad,om checking


SS14 account username:  TimbersTheBat
Ban reason: Admin Checking and Caronia during 23556.
Date of ban: 4-16-2022
Length of ban: until appeal
Events leading to the ban: I got QM role in Detroit station, and it ran like a normal shift. we chatted about cargonia but continued to order stuff per usual. as per my knowledge you have to ask admins for permission for cargonia so i sent a quick “say no if no cargonia” seeing if there was a quick response. no response came. at the end of the game after the shuttle had arrived and everyone was leaving was when we declared cargonia. 
Reason the ban should be removed: I believe since I did my normal duties otherwise, attempted to ask permission, no one was harmed, orders were filled, and didnt even claim to be cargonia until the end of the round, that this ban should be removed. I have over 100+ hours in the game and never made cargonia so I thought it was worth a shot in Detroit map. however, this will not happen again, and I won’t message admins though I thought that was the standard procedure. 

TDLR; did make cargonia. wont make cargonia again.

-Thank you.


I would like to clarify someone did order guns before the shuttle arrived. however, the guns never left cargo (to my knowledge), the shuttle was already called and pretty sure we all just died on cargo shuttle with guns in hand at the end of the round. 

I didnt know what admin checking was so i have re-read the rules and now understand why it is that admin checking (pinging the admin with little to no information) was a reason for ban. I have also brushed up on the rules for cargonia. labeled as a departmental revolution and should not be done, are antagonist only and strictly forbidden unless permission is gained. after reading the rules once I know am equipped with the knowledge, I need to be a model player. 


(i would like to ask, how would one get permission to do cargonia? just a more detailed admin help so its not admin pinging, along with an actual answer?)

To clarify on the admin checking part of this ban. Asking in ahelp is the appropriate way to get permission for cargonia, however you didn’t ask if you could do cargonia, this was your message in ahelp:

You cannot make assumptions based on there being no response from admins. Admins not responding to an ahelp is not permission to do whatever you asked in the ahelp. Your wording seems to be intended to try to force admins to respond if they’re online and don’t want you to start cargonia. Multiple other players reported that cargonia was approved by admins, with some specifically saying the QM said it was approved by admins.

Separate from the admin checking, you appear to have been discussing cargonia as if it was going to happen throughout the round, and before even sending the ahelp. These chat messages all occur within the first 3 minutes of the round, before your ahelp:


Here is a message from you 30 minutes into the round confirming that you are forming cargonia. While this is after the ahelp, it is not the end of the round, and you still did not receive permission to form cargonia.


While this next message is near the end of the round, I’m curious what you needed to avoid security for if you hadn’t done anything up to then:


I understand the A help situation. i did however mention in my orginal post that we chatted about cargonia. throughout the round we were continuing to make advances or “forming cargonia” however that really just involved selling what salv found outside as per the normal stuff and saving up money not buying pizza parties and what not. the final message was sent in rp to build up the finale to have a conclusion to the shift/story which wouldve just been us sitting in shuttle at end round in our newly formed cargonia after the shuttle left (basically what happened). “Avoiding sec” was just really them coming in and asking if we are cargonia (not formed yet) and us saying no. i even offered to let them search any room or pockets for anything that would suggest cargonia, because again, we were working as normal and just chatting about cargonia. we are arming is in refrence to someone ordering guns which as stated in og post was near end round and stated in a reply post, guns were never used (until after end round message) and never left cargo.

I am going to save everyone some time by using the same message on each of these appeals:

Do not make cargonia. Do not joke about making cargonia. Do not pretend you are making cargonia. Cargonia is vast majority of the time utilized as an excuse to antagonize other players for not being in cargo and is extremely annoying to deal with administratively and in-character. It is explicitly against the rules for a reason. Just because you didn’t go out of your way to murder anyone you saw as cargo does not change the fact you pretended to and made steps towards trying to separate from the station. Unless you get specific, unequivocal administrator permission to do so (you rarely if ever will), you will get punished for starting or joking about starting cargonia.

We will accept these appeals with a note on your accounts indicating the next cargonia/nations related incident will be met harshly.

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