Timbertu - Rolebans from May



SS14 account: Timbertu
Character name: Scrapper (Sometimes as Scraps-the-Space)
Type of Ban: Job Ban (HOS, HOP, Cap)
Date of Ban and Duration: Chief has said it was sometime in May, round #9973
Reason for Ban: “Allowing security to be antagonised as Hop (round 9973) and encouraging others to do so.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Lizard
Your side of the story: I genuinely have no clue actually! Just tried to latejoin a game about 20 minutes ago from posting this and I couldn’t join as HOS. Ahelped as it wasn’t working and asked if I had a roleban. Yup! Chief gave me the ban note and we were both super confused about what the reason for ban actually meant. I genuinely don’t remember this happening, and it certainly hasn’t happened since! I don’t usually play command roles these days so I hadn’t noticed I was rolebanned until now. No one let me know I got a roleban (or few), and obviously I can’t access logs/admin logs to even know if I was warned before receiving a roleban or even told about it. So memory isn’t as accurate as logs if someone wanted to check them for that round, but genuinely I’m unsure what happened here. What does antagonising sec even look like? I have to assume it was verbal teasing or possibly even some banter of some kind taken the wrong way? Possibly could have been a bad day and I sledged sec a bit hard? Literally no clue!
Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, if the ban is legit and I antagonised sec, judging by my confusion and lack of awareness around being rolebanned, it’s not something I’ve repeated in future, else I would be actually banned I assume!
Anything else we should know: I just feel it relevant to reiterate that I wasn’t ever contacted about misbehaving in game, nor notified about a roleban. It’s possible an admin bwoink was sent while I was logged off late at night or SSD and never saw it? It’s not often that I log out in an important role though, so I don’t believe I was contacted. Please correct me if so!



Thanks for reading!

Hey Timbertu,

I looked back at this incident in particular principally in the admin-help relay. It would appear that Security was not being run very well that round and you decided to interfere with security as the Head of Personnel. This included (from what I can limitedly tell) blocking entrances to Security and allowing other crew members to break into areas of security without resistance.

I have reviewed your notes and the rest of your admin-help relay. While there is a lot of behavior that makes us slightly raise an eyebrow, I think this offense has been long enough in the past without any further infractions closely related to it that consensus is to lift these role bans. This should be taken care of shortly.

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