Timmyclowning - ERP

  • Ban reason:  Banned for saying in OOC chat “sex update!!!” when the game updated (i cant see the ban because it takes forever to clear old data)

Length of ban: permanent
Events leading to the ban: when the round ended there was an update and people were saying random stuff and then ending with update for example “TAXES UPDATE!!!” and i decided to join in and said “SEX UPDATE?!” without thinking much about it and then after a while i got banned permanently without any ahelp
Reason the ban should be removed:  honestly didnt know that it affected OOC chat too and i was really just joking about it and i swear to god that i will never say anything like that again and i know you guys wont believe me since i had been perma banned before this recently for a different thing

This is your second appeal ban. Only appeal with a voucher of good behavior after six months. Denied.

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