Tl0W - Early Evac as Captain (2nd appeal)

SS14 account username: Tl0W
Role(s): All Command/Sec
Date of ban: Unsure at this point, some time ago
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: The actions that I took which led to this job ban go as follows. I role captain on Barratry, act upset about this. I wine about it over command radio, and I believe CE agreed in my opinion of calling shuttle, whether or not this was genuine, I’m unsure. I want to clarify, the other heads were neutral in this decision, or at least I believe. I made a couple announcements over the communications console of this, people were mostly against it. At the time I knew this would lead to severe consequences, but for whatever reason I went along with it. I see now that this was a stupid decision. Eventually, shuttle arrived much to the protest of the station people. I boarded on and the shuttle of course got bombed, so by the time it docked most were injured or dead. After having died once it docked, I panicked having realized my actions and left.
Reason the ban should be removed: I understand my actions fully, I know it is unacceptable to take the fun away from a round by being selfish and a general nuisance to the crew. Others would not do the same, but for whatever reason I committed to this dumb decision. I don’t believe I deserve forgiveness, but I have learned from my past actions. I can only apologize for what I had done that round, and hopefully that and my explanation helps. If it’s not too much to ask, I’d appreciate a more descriptive explanation of what rules I broke so I know to avoid doing such in the future. I’ve read the rules extensively, but I may have missed some parts, and I know that doesn’t excuse my actions. Once again, I apologize for the round I had ruined. Hopefully you understand now.

We will accept this appeal.

As a note of behavior we had an issue with leading up to this:

Do not call the shuttle just because you personally don’t like the map. We would also request that you do not try to antagonize administrators/central command by breaking the rules, toeing the line, or otherwise trying to bring disaster on the station by being unfit for duty (including behavior like frequently “revolting against centcomm” and asking for the nuke codes).

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