Tl0W - Early evac as Captain

SS14 account username: Tl0W
Role(s): Command, Security
Date of ban: Over two weeks ago, or longer.
Length of ban: Appeal only
Events leading to the ban: (some details may be wrong, been a while) Rolled Captain on Barratry, promptly wined about it over radio like the grown person I am. CE said he only had two staff, one of which went SSD and wanted shuttle (whether he was serious or not, I am unsure). Pretty sure we had no RD (or low Sci staff), so things were off to a bad start. Made vote over comms console for shuttle (unsure whether I did this jokingly or not, did commit to it, however). Vote ended in a 50/50 or closer to a 60/40, so I decided to just do it. Of course, people got mad. Was deciding whether or not to recall, but my then the shuttle was 220 seconds away and I couldn’t recall for whatever reason.
Reason the ban should be removed: I feel my behavior was indeed worthy of a role ban, that I cannot critique. But considering how much time has passed since that, I’ve learned the privileges of being Captain. I don’t quite feel like I can explain my behavior that night, but I do apologize. I’ve learned from the errors I’ve made, and though arrogance isn’t a valid excuse, I do feel like I’ve done my time. If this appeal isn’t enough, I am more than willing to prove myself.

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal. You can appeal again after at least 2 weeks.

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