Публичный сервер

Hi all!

Somehow I became interested in “How to make your own server? Since other servers are just full”, but I did not find this information on the Russian Internet. I found only at the expense of the personal, but this is not what I need for my purpose. After that, I realized that most likely it was not for mere mortals and despaired. But now I was delighted, because I found this forum and I can ask this question.
I will be grateful if they answer me, and I will make my public server!

You would do well to ask for help at http://discord.ss14.ru

There’s an English guide here:


10 hours ago, Del said:

Здесь есть англоязычный гид:


That is, I can download the finished assembly from this site, change the name, run and others will be visible to my server in the hub?

I have not done this myself. There is some configuration and port forwarding that needs to be done for it to work.

I don’t want to offend, but how good are your English reading skills? If you are relying too much on Yandex translation, it’ll probably be best to follow Stealth’s advice and look for help in the Russian SS14 Discord.

Have you have ever hosted a server before, for a different game? Port forwarding is something common to game hosting in general, and this tutorial doesn’t go into detail. You should be able to find tutorials for that in Russian.