Torro - "Grevious levels of self antagging" (IP ban for a different user)

SS14 account username: Torro
Ban reason: “Grevious levels of self antagging (deconstructing APCs, substations, and telecomms) along with ignoring aHelp”
Date of ban: 14/04/23
Length of ban: Permenant?
Events leading to the ban:  My friend (same IP) clearly committed the fore-mentioned, I’m actually unsure what else might have happened because I wasn’t present.
Reason the ban should be removed: I hope you can understand that this is a different account and person, and that I wasn’t online or responsible for what had happened, and was auto-banned for having the same IP address. Thanks.

(I will doubtless have to make a few more of these for legacy-SS13 and other SS14 servers too, after I find out which he went on)

Your account shouldn’t be affected by the ban anymore.

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