Tostah - Banned for racist PAI

SS14 account username: Tostah

Ban reason: Being a racist PAI as a joke.

Date of ban: 3-24-2023

Length of ban: Perminant (voucher?)

Events leading to the ban: I took a ghost role as a PAI and I was with the captain. I immedaitely said, as a joke, that we should be inrecibly racist towards lizards. I was doing this as a joke, and I had no intention of ever escalating it beyond that. I simply thought it would be funny.


I then got shut off, and when I restarted, I couldn’t remember the memories of my previous life, so I just started from scratch again, also thinking it was just funny. I was a PAI, it was completely harmless. I have never made a joke like this before, and I only thought it was funny in that moment.

Reason the ban should be removed: I have been playing on this server a lot. Space Station 14 is a very fun game, and I understand that I overstepped slightly with this. I have a ton of hours in the game, and I can say that I have been atleast a decent member of the community. This is tantamount to a permimant ban, for something that was compelely harmless. I feel the need to outline that I was just a random PAI, and if anyone had a problem, it is very easy to shut me off (which they did). 


I’m sorry that it came to this. What I assumed was harmless fun was against the rules, and I admit that. But, I dont think I should be banned straight up for it…



Hi. Let me refresh your memory on the rules, of which this particular rule is rule 1:

”Absolutely no hate speech, slurs, bigotry, IC specism (demeaning other characters in-game due to their in-game race), or anything even remotely similar. [YOU WILL GET PERMABANNED]”

You may have also noticed this above that rule:


This is your second appeal ban. As such this is only appealable after six months (Sept 24, 2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/14 server.

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