Tostah - Blowing up AME

SS14 account username: Tostah
Ban reason: Blowing up AME and *lying*
Date of ban: 2/9
Length of ban: Appeal
Events leading to the ban: The AME was set badly or something, it was beeping and red. Im very new, i dont know what im doing. I tried messing with the value so it stops being red, and it blew up.
Reason the ban should be removed: Im realtively new. Straight banning someone for a mistake isn’t fair in my opinion. Ill be more careful about this in the future!

You appear to have made multiple significant changes to the AME over multiple rounds. As an example, in the previous round you appear to have changed the AME from a safe level to 200. In an earlier round you at one point set the AME to 102 and at another to 308. Can you provide any explanation for those actions?

I was new and I didn’t know what I was doing. The first time I set it, i didn’t know what I was doing, so it blew up. I didn’t think changing a value would cause a big explosion. Just wanted to see what it did.

I did set the AME higher on subsequent rounds. I was curious about it, and you’ll note that on a couple of those rounds the AME didn’t actually explode. 

I also admit to wanting to have a bit of fun. I got a bit bored, and wanted to mess around with something I didn’t understand very well, knowing full well the consequences it could cause for the ship. 

I crossed the line a few times and I admit that. I won’t do it again. I’d really like to continue being a member of this community! 

Just a reminder, there is an in game guide and plenty of youtube tutorials by liltenhead if you’re interested in learning game mechanics. There are quite a few jobs in the game that can result in the station being unusable if not done correctly!

Always feel free to ask your coworkers for help otherwise, the community is generally friendly to new workers!

The carelessness for consequences you’ve displayed in relation to the AME is concerning. The fact that you admit knew “full well the consequences it could cause for the ship” makes the idea that this was simply a mistake and that you don’t know what you’re doing, as you state in your original post, a complete mischaracterization of the situation.

For future reference, any setting on the AME higher than double the core count will eventually result in an explosion if the AME has enough fuel. Any instance where the AME didn’t explode after you left it on an unsafe setting would have been either because someone lowered it later, turned it off, or it ran out of fuel.

After discussion the admin team has decided to accept this appeal. In its place we have decided to apply a 3 week engineering department roleban. Any attempt to gain a role covered by the roleban, including a functionally similar one, will result in a game ban. You can appeal the roleban in a new appeal, no sooner than 1 week from now, or wait for it to expire. If you have any questions about the roleban you can ask them via ahelp.

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