UI don't working correctly on MacOS


Some UI features doesn’t work at all. I pinned some pictures. I noticed that problems some time ago, it’s not newest issues. Maybe I can help to debug to solve that, but I need help (I worked before only with SS14 code, not engine).

I use macOS Sonoma, arm architecture.


The first one. Not working buttons.

Ready button

It’s clickable but Ready state doesn’t change (in pinned picture you can see)

toggleready False

If I write in console

toggleready True

it works fine.

Build menu

I can’t open build window by ui button, only by pressing G

Spawn menu

In spawn menu I can’t delete entities.

The second one. Any entities of some ui lists can’t be selected. But I think, that it’s just not work fully. To approve it, you can see on screen that if I select entity in build window which I can place, button in bottom changed to ‘Place Ghost Construction’, but not active (also panel with information didn’t update)

Lists in character setup, vending machines work fine.



I clicked Ready button
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 19.08.24
And it’s still ‘Not Ready’
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 19.08.30
I wrote in console

toggleready True

It’s now Ready
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 19.08.40
I clicked button again
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 19.09.02

Middle button is not clickable
Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 19.17.00


Selected alient artifact (button label is ‘Create’)

Selected air alarm (button label is ‘Place Ghost Construction’)

After debugging I noticed that the UserInterfaceManager.Input.cs#KeyBindDown method throws debug exception after pressing any button (mouse and keyboard)

(post deleted by author)

I set breakpoint on debug assertation

It process ui events perfectly twice

But on the third attempt it process this event which already contains in _focusedControls

And after this throwing exception

Maybe _binding shouldn’t have same entities?

It is in RobustToolbox/Robust.Client/Input/InputManager.cs

Also checkboxes don’t work

I don’t think we currently have any contributors or staff members with an arm mac so we can’t test and debug for that architecture but thank you for reporting the issues you found.

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I found the cause: my local keybinds.yml had duplicates, which was causing some UI elements to be broken. After deleting the file, the UI works fine.

However, why were there duplicates?