ultravorgan - doesn't say anything about the roles

Username: ultravorgan

Banned Roles: salvage specialist and QM

Ban reason: doesn't say anything about the roles
Length of ban: Indefinite
Ban Issue:
I did what I was banned for, but the ban is unreasonably harsh

Vote Opt-Out: false

Events leading to the ban

i was playing salvage, got attacked by multiple xenos at once on an expedition, we came back to the ats, i bought a single smg crate to defend my self with better because of how slow the PKA is, then the cap, a borg, and the qm came and the borg took the crate away, cap and qm didn’t want me to have it, i got pissed and started shooting the cap. then got an admin pop up, after that i just killed my self and left the game due to being up all night untill about 9 am and went to bed.

Reason the ban should be removed

and perma ban for salvage/qm is just to harsh for a first time offence like this. in the admin remarks for me, galaxycad wrote that in the admin messages i said “i’m pissed and can do it”, i remember saying i was pissed but not that i could do that, if i did, i was probably meaning buying the crate and not shooting the cap. they also wrote that i had done this before basing off my admin notes, but i had never done that before. or even anything similar from my memory and from what thhe notes say. i do regret what i did, and at the time realized that what i did was bad, that’s one of the reasons i got off and to both “cool off” and to go get sleep cause i was really tired. they also wrote that the hos was there, but i just remember a regual sec personal there, but i didn’t look at their id. at the time i shoot the captain was mostly just to vent anger, and if you can replay the footage you will see that after i shot the cap and they ran back to the station via portal, then they came back after a bit and i didn’t shoot them or anybody else, just got captured by sec right as i was about to go blow my self up in space, but since i was hand cuffed i just bit my tongue and left. so in general i feel like getting perma banned from both salvage and qm is harsh, i don’t mind being perma banned from qm since i’m not that interested in being any command role, but atleast let me play salvage again please.

Alternate Accounts

none at all unless you count my singular ss13 account

i did say some of that in adminhelp like an hour or two ago, i forgot the forum and ban appeal forum existed in all honesty

heck yah! i got assigned to repo!