Uncuff action should have longer cooldown and duration

It is extremely annoying for security to deal with a prisoner that spams uncuff attempts and makes implant checking impossible without hitting a prisoner(which is kind of illegal).
Uncuffing should logically only be attempted when you are staying unsupervised in cuffs for at least some time, not when you are being currently held by a secoff asking warden about sentence.
As another option, uncuffing should not be possible while being pulled.

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I feel like the duration is fine, but the action is allowed to happen all too often. Its okay for a clever prisoner to find an opportunity to escape, but they shouldn’t just be able to annoy security by constantly uncuffing every few seconds.

Agreed with this. As someone who has dealt with 4 prisoners on the evac shuttle all attempting to uncuff as frequently as possible at once, it’s asinine. I think the duration is ok, because any longer would just be ludicrous. If you need to implant check them you can hit them, and a cooldown increase should help as well

Basically, duration is fine, just increase the cooldown because the spam potential is really obnoxious, especially with multiple prisoners at once to manage.

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hit them

the duration feels fine if you are using normal handcuffs. The implant speed needs a massive buff.

The implant speed is fine, this is made specifically to counter implant checking without reason.