[Unknown admin]-RatherLargeGuy

SS14 account: RatherLargeGuy
Character name: Joe Johnson
When was the ban: About a month ago
Server you were playing on when banned: I was not playing on any server at the moment of the ban.
Your side of the story: I was alt accounting on the ss14 discord server , and talking with some people . It all went pretty well until the moment when one of the admins asked me about my ss14 Ckey , I confirmed that was indeed - my Ckey . When I started to type my response , I shit you not - my internet went out . After the internet came back I quickly opened Discord , and saw that I was (Reasonably) banned from the server . Then I opened the game and saw that I was also (Reasonably) banned . A couple days later I decided to make an alt account , after that failed , I decided to make another account to try and ban evade…again , and after that failed I decided to write a ban appeal .
Why you think you should be unbanned: The reason why I should be unbanned is the following : Whenever I play any important job (Security , medical doctor , scientist etc.) I always try to stay at my workplace and assist anyone who is hurt , witnessed a crime , was a victim of one or just needs a bucket . When I play security (which is rather frequent) I always do my best to stop crimes , protect my fellow crew members , and make it that the round would last longer than half an hour because of some potassium-water bomb throwing traitor. And as for the ‘‘Was your ban unfair’’ part , I think that my ban on both the discord server and the game itself was justified and fair . 
Anything else we should know: Nope

Your reason for being unbanned is simply telling us you play the game. This gives us no inclination that you won’t break rules again or that you really acknowledge that breaking the rules is bad since you’re happy to admin you continuously try to ban evade?

I’m never said I’m ‘‘Happy’’ to ban evade , and even if I did it was most likely my own fault for formulating it wrong . And I indeed acknowledge that breaking the game and/or server rules is in fact - wrong (Even if it does not look like it from the manner in which I am  speaking) . And I can assure you - that I won’t break the rules again , since all the time that I’ve been banned has given me a lot of time to reflect on the choices I made regarding both the game , and the server .

 Denied. We don’t feel that you are trusted enough to not evade or otherwise break rules. Feel free to appeal at a later date.

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