[unknown] - grassh0le#6186 (more readable appeal attempt)

this is gonna be about the same shit but I realized I typed too much shit and it wouldn’t even really be worth it for you guys to read the whole thing so ill cut it down

Discord account:  grassh0le#6186
Ban reason: alt accounting
When was the ban: yesterday
Your side of the story: I was previously banned from both the game and the discord for being a general edgy dickhead but I just waited out my game ban instead of filing a full appeal for both. all in all I neglected to check if I was actually unbanned from the discord server when I rejoin yesterday, or if it was the fact that I was able to join the discord server because I a little while ago had to create a new account after that last one got disabled (ill add picture evidence). after neglecting to check I just kinda messaged around in the general chat, this time not like a dickhead, but an admin who recognized me asked me who unbanned me, I responded that I had no clue, and it was believed that I was alt accounting which is a fair assumption considering the situation so I got perma-banned on both the game and the discord
Why you think you should be unbanned: Im only truly just a major dumbass and don’t and never do intend  any harm to the community or the game. I totally get if you did or still do doubt that. But truthfully its just that when I become faced with confrontation and seriousness I end up escalating as I fail to identify what may or may not be appropriate to say at that time. However along side my social blunders, I really am an individual who truly does not seek to do any harm and will go out of my way to fix any harm done in the best way I can. I am especially passionate about this game and its community despite only being a part of it over the course of roughly 3-4 months and I very much want to be a part of its growth as it has serious potential, even now being fun as fuck to play. I also really wanna join the development team as I do know how to code and want more experience, but high school is kicking my ass big time so I’m gonna have to wait.
Anything else we should know: I probably got myself into this bad of a situation because I only recently diagnosed as to having the ass burgers, meaning I never really was given proper guidance on how to approach certain social situations (again I don’t intend to use this as a crutch I still do recognize and regret the actions I took). Unlike the previous statements that were said in game, which I still do apologize for, I’m not an anti-semite (nor is my sister). This is my second appeal because my first one was was made when I wasn’t thinking straight and panicked and was trying to fix everything through writing an apology before event letting myself get a level head so I just wrote a lot of nothing I guess, many more details are provided there, some more useful than others.

please contact me at my discord above if you still need to talk to me personally about all this or if you still need a few things cleared up, I’ll make sure to be as proactive as I can in order to not waste any more of your time.



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Unbanned, but understand you’re on thin ice.

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