[Unknown Username] - Znoring, a more formal appeal

SS14 account: Znoring

Character name: Offline during the ban

Server of ban: US West lizard

When was ban: Unknown

Your side of story: I did say a racial slur, I just forgot about it because I don’t find them too major, but I know it can and will heavily affect others, which I should have taken into consideration. I am deeply sorry for my actions.

Why you should be unbanned: I feel everyone should be given second chances, but that is my opinion which doesn’t matter too much in this situation. I brought some fun to the servers with my characters, but that doesn’t exclude the fact I still said that word out of a fit of rage.

Anything else known: I am sorry, I don’t expect an unban though that would be nice. I am just sorry I did that in the first place and hope I can be forgiven. Also sorry I re-uploaded, I wanted to make my appeal more formal and apologetic because I am genuinely sorry. Good day. 

Apology taken. Ban lifted. Please don’t do it again, thanks.

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