UristBW: Banned for slipping sec with bananas after warning

Ban reason: Slipping once as a clown 5 minutes after I was asked to cool it on slipping people.

Length of ban: Until Sat 26th of August

Events leading to the ban: Myself and another clown were slipping security who were trying to baton us for a couple of minutes, we were eventually caught and restrained and while in cuffs I was killed by a sec officer while using lethals before even being processed.

Following this I reported this murderboning to an admin who then proceeded to tell me that it was basically justified because we slipped security and they lost some batons and I think maybe a flash as well and to stop slipping security so much and find something else to do after which I spent ~15 minutes (if my recollection by looking at the replay is correct) looking for items for pranks before slipping a single security officer one time.

Reason the ban should be removed: I believe this ban should be removed or reduced because it is very excessive.

Slipping sec is common clown behaviour on the server, especially given that I did not immediately ignore the admin suggestion and did spend 10-15 minutes looking for things to prank with before slipping an unarmed sec officer once interupting their gameplay for all of 2 seconds a 4 day game ban is just completely unjustified.


Lets just make it clear: constantly harassing/abusing security for the entire round until you provoke them into beating/killing you isn’t the clown’s entire goal in life. One of the biggest issues we deal with for the crew/security dynamic is players taking it upon themselves to “teach” security players by constantly harassing them, stealing from them, and in general making their lives hell, utilizing the excuse of “if they were good it wouldn’t be an issue”.

The officers in question who unjustifiably killed you were also talked to and punished. Just because you got told not to be so invasive with your antics doesn’t mean the other party was justified. Continuing to try and slip officers (even if it was after ten minutes) after being told to go find something more creative to do also indicates that you didn’t really intend to find something more creative to do.

That being said I do think the ban itself is a tad excessive. We will reduce this to one day from now. Please find less one-note ways to be a clown. Accepted.

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