Used mouse bind to say hi to liltenhead as hammy while we both died to singulo

SS14 account username: StinkoBrinkley

Ban reason: “metacomms via stream sniping + using macros”

Date of ban: 6/2

Length of ban: Appeal Ban

Events leading to the ban: was hammy on the round, liltenhead was streaming and i tuned in, he was in the kitchen so i went there, we both got flushed down dispo which was rerouted to end up at singularity. as we both lay dying i set up a bind in my mouse settings to press t then up then enter 8 times. i typed in emote “hi liltenhead” and pressed the bind. a few seconds later i got bwoinked and said that i wouldnt again but the macro was easy to set up and could also be easily prevented. the admin told me they didnt want to tune the prevention around people using it legitimately. i said ok and then was banned.

Reason the ban should be removed: it was a one time event due to the rarity of dying to singulo as a hamster next to a streamer you are watching. it will not happen again and i no longer have the macro set up.

Admin decision is not to accept this appeal at this time. You may reapply in no earlier than two weeks.

Stream-sniping is not only rude to the streamer, but it is also a form of metacommunications and can be very disastrous and disruptive to other players in the round. Using information gained outside the game to your own advantage is strictly forbidden.

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