Username GeorgeGimme Reason for ban crew sabotage during nukeops round

Username: GeorgeGimme

Ban reason: crew sabotage during a nukeops round 

stealing hardsuits equipment headsets and ids off crew before nukies arrived repeated issues and warnings for numerous incidents 
Length of ban: 30 240 minutes until Thurs October 26
Events leading to the ban:  while preparing for nukies because of a war announcement something exploded and spaced the hallwa near sec I thought the nukies were here so i grabbed some of RDs gear to go fight the nukies after finding no nukies i returned the suit but forgot that i also had their id and headset 
Reason the ban should be removed:  I thought the nukies had arrived and I needed a hardsuit urgently i also returned the hardsuit, I just got back from a 3 week ban as well so I was already punished for the former warnings it was just a honest mistake I thought nukies were on station sorry to the RD

You have 17 notes on your account since around the beginning of the year and several bans for being a prolific and consistent problem to the game. Powergaming by stealing other crew’s gear from medbay to “go fight nukies” is not your job and nor is it an appropriate action for you to do so.

I think you can use a break. Appeal again in 10 days.

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