Username: Tha reason:"sexist remarks"

SS14 account: Tha
Character name: Sal Ullman
Type of Ban: server ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 15.11.2022
Reason for Ban: “Sexist remarks”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: A person was trying to break the window of a prison cell with a female player character convict in it (they were also female), i saw it and ran out with my disabler in hand to try and talk to them and possibly arrest, i yelled at them to stop as i remember, we engage in quick conversation, they say the person in the cell was there for too long (they were convicted in it for attempted murder (setting an officer on fire with a flare gun, and they confessed to me that they wanted to be in there)) and that i should let them out, i jokingly say: i cant let them out just cause they are a woman (or something like that it was pure chaos in there i tried my best to type it out while being distracted by the chaos), noone really cared about that joke (there were like 6 more people around there), they then proceed to start hitting me and a chase insues with other security officers (i was a  detective) then we finnaly catch her, i put her in cuffs and i say ‘f-word simps’ which was plenty obvious its a joke since bunch of people tried to help her out even tho they didnt know the situation and thought i was just shit-secin’ (im bad at sec im just tryna learn man), then i get a message from an admin saying why am i shit-seccing, and being a mysoginist, i tell them im just garbage at sec, and then they just ask me why am i being misogynistic, i ask them what did i say that was misogynystic, the admin says:why did you say “i cant let her out cause she’s a woman”, i say: i meant that i cant let them out just because they’re a woman. after a phew minutes of silence (1-2) dont remember what was said too well but it was something like: admin:“yeah no we dont allow that type of speech”  and i’m quite a bit pissed off now  just say f it, (just go for it or something like that)
Why you think you should be unbanned: I dont believe this is fair since this is my first ever major-ish “rule break”.
Anything else we should know:nothing.

You’re going to need to justify this.


Say from Sal Ullman (324544, MobHuman, Tha): I cant let her out since she’s a woman.

After reviewing your chatlogs I can understand how you could have misspoken when saying this but there really isn’t any room for misinterpretation when you call someone a “tiktok pronoun liberal”.

the person was fine with me calling them that as well as they had a good chuckle over it as i remember


and took no offence over that joke

Yeah that’s not really a justification. You don’t see the backend. You don’t see if people do actually report you to admins.

This appeal is denied. You can re-appeal in a month. We’re not interested in entertaining misogyny here.

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