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When considering for ban length is there an “Extenuating circumstances” part for deciding the length of the ban?

I explicitly said that I was being the “R” word. There really isn’t a victim and there was only ONE person nearby my fellow atmosian, which whom I probably explained my amazing thought process of my construction in Atmos only using one word… I am 99.9% certain nobody felt bad that I my self called my self the “R” word and it has to be automatic server flagging that got me there.

Still got 3 days of ban. Couldn’t it be an 24 hour? 
I understand that I broke the rule, but as non American, I don’t really know the difference between Slur and insult and that using the word on MYSELF is still worthy of 3 DAYS.
I know that the “N” word is to be never spoken, like Voldemort… But I don’t know which words are considered supper no no words like the “N”. And the word Slur doesn’t mean much either… After all, the WORST google definition is “an insinuation or allegation about someone that is likely to insult them or damage their reputation.”
It doesn’t even sound remotely bad compared to insults “a disrespectful or scornfully abusive remark or act.”
One which doesn’t sound that bad, is ban worthy, while other is used on hourly basis.

I was ONCE warned about the “R” word, but in that game. We were the nukies and fellow nukie China lake’ed the whole squad and I called him the “R” Lake, so the warning I got, I thought I was warned for using “strong” insulting words towards fellow “posibly new” player, than thinking that the word it self is like the “N” word.

2nd. More of an question… If the word under ANY circumstances is not allowed to be spoken, why the server just doesn’t filter it in the first place and doesn’t post the message? After all, it has to be automatic server flagging that got me banned, which means server has triggers for them…

Ban reason: [Explaining my fellow Atmossian my over engineered complex mess of an set up in 3 words… “I am “R” word”]
Length of ban: [3 days]
Events leading to the ban: [I was building 200IQ Trit farming setup with double burn rooms, which produced almost not Trit. Fellow lat join atmossian asks, what the hell is this. I explained by saying… “I am “R” word”]
Reason the ban should be removed: [I know that I broke the rule, but not knowing the meaning of “slur” when I was warned first time, I assumed it was my Harsh language towards fellow nukie, who China Laked whole team. So since then I never used it on other people, but as some one who thinks the “R” word is just meaner way to say “stupid” I said it. I think calling my self the “R” word should apply an “Extenuating circumstances” <font color=“#1abc9c”>for lessened ban time. There was only me, and my fellow atmossian, there was no hurt parties and the round was not disturbed in any way. And 24 hour ban should be fine to inform people of seriousness when talking about some taboo words</font>.] 

We have very strict rules on slurs to keep the community open to all. Hence why the zero tolerance policy.
If you continue to use slurs you will receive a indefinite ban. There is no “Extenuating circumstances” where we will allow slurs do not try and push the rules.

Here is our rule on it in specific:

Appeal denied and ban has completed.

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