Vespid ban appeal


jarock jobama

game ban

7/20/22 permanent

use of the N word

Wizards den lizard US west

I use a shared computer and because of where I live the only populated server is Wizards den lizard US west, which is the server i was banned on. Another user of this Pc also plays the game and got banned, so I did too.

It wasn’t even me, why should I be banned for it. This is the only device I can play this on.

Your device, your account, your responsibility of what happens on it. 

It seems more to me like you got banned on your original account “Vespid8908” and then attempted to blatantly ban evade with this account seeing as it has never connected to Wizard Den servers prior to the ban, ultimately deciding to appeal to see if a claim of it being a shared computer by multiple users would fly.

ye. ima try and troubleshoot byond not working on windows 11 to try and download ss13, have a good day!

I don’t usually post here but literally the same day you got banned from Wizard’s Den you came to my server and started RDMing within a few minutes of joining into a quiet, low population round and were pretty rude in the ahelp.

This will be denied for what should be obvious reasons. You may re-appeal after a year only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server.

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