Violation of Rules and Unprofessional Behavior by Goober (aka metalgearsloth)

Report: Behavior in #fork-development Channel

User: Goober (aka metalgearsloth)

Date/Time: [Insert Date and Time]

Channel: #fork-development


Goober (aka metalgearsloth) made the following remarks in the #fork-development channel:

Thought you hated us
They said some pretty choice words that we’re terrible on ssmv
So kinda weird they come looking for help


In response to Goober’s statements, I made the following comments:

“My personal opinion on certain Wizden policies doesn’t prevent me from seeking help from the open-source community in the designated channel meant for discussing it. Your provocative behavior in highlighting my comments about those policies, which were made outside of this server, only serves to reinforce my points and the arguments of those who criticize you personally. It’s not appropriate to incite controversy and shift this conversation into the fork development channel; such behavior is unprofessional and completely unrelated to any development matters.”
“It’s kind of strange that you consider yourself or Wizden the exclusive recipients of my questions in a server meant to be visited and used by various community members and organizations within it. What makes you think that my request for help is specifically directed at you, or at those whom you claim I referred to as terrible?”
Violation of Server Rules:

Violation of Rule #1: “Don’t be an asshole and use common sense.”
Violation of Rule #2: “Be civil. No harassment or offensive/abusive/hate speech content.”
Violation of Rule #3: “No trolling, don’t derail discussions, no spamming, etc.”
Additional Context:

Goober (aka metalgearsloth) has also exhibited a pattern of behavior involving:

Playing dumb and personally derailing from the context while engaging with the community.
Making unnecessary statements that do not relate to the topic at hand.
Potentially engaging in behavior that could be interpreted as attempting to make matters personal.
While I do not wish to speculate without detailed information, I believe many community members would be willing to testify on these matters in a professional and organized manner, provided an opportunity to do so without unnecessary drama.


Rules section at the moment


Wrong behavior and my response


Additional context, outside the scope of this report

**1. The statement “Is that you, Terezi? Because I can dump your ban receipts here” could be interpreted as an unnecessary assumption and potentially a personal attack. The phrase “Is that you, Terezi?” seems to imply that the person being addressed is associated with a certain negative action. This is reminiscent of attempting to link someone to unfavorable behavior without clear evidence. This could be seen as an assumption or insinuation that may not be warranted. Additionally, the phrase could be interpreted as confrontational in nature, aligning with the potential for it to be perceived as a personal attack.

2. From my perspective, I’ve noticed a discrepancy in the statement that was made. While it’s stated that these actions have been taken twice, there appears to be at least one more instance that hasn’t been accounted for. I personally reported this instance, and it was subsequently banned from the hub after my report. This raises questions about the accuracy of the information provided. Furthermore, I’m aware of a situation where one of the mentioned bans is still being debated within the community due to its controversial nature.**

**It’s essential to acknowledge that while the statement discusses specific actions taken against servers for valid reasons, the absence of certain instances and the ongoing debates surrounding at least one ban introduce some doubt regarding the complete picture being presented. In situations like these, maintaining clarity and openness is crucial to fostering a productive and professional environment for discussions.

3. While player count can be an important indicator of a project’s popularity and reach, it’s also important to consider the quality of engagement and community sentiment. Having more players doesn’t necessarily negate the potential negative impacts of certain actions or decisions. The impact on the community’s trust, the overall atmosphere, and the relationships within the community can be affected regardless of player count.**

**In the context of recent events and discussions, it’s essential to recognize that a strong community relies not only on the quantity of players but also on the quality of interactions, transparency, and the overall health of the community ecosystem. Just because a project has a larger player base doesn’t mean that the potential repercussions of certain actions should be dismissed. Fostering a positive and supportive community environment is vital for the long-term success and sustainability of any project, regardless of player numbers.

I could cherry-pick his statements and respond to more of them, but I believe you understand the overall message I’m trying to convey.**


Desired Outcome:

**I request that appropriate action be taken based on the violations outlined above, as well as the additional context provided. Such behavior not only disregards server rules, but also undermines constructive community engagement.

Sources of information provided above:
Rules -
Goober 1 -
Goober 2 -
Goober 3 -
sTiKyt 1 -
sTiKyt 2 -**

metalgearsloth - **

Additional responses by Goober after I wrote most of the post above:**



Additional statements following publication of this post

I’m hoping further discussion is going to happen in this topic


Forgot date and time and don’t seem to be able to edit the post above, first message by Goober was sent at:

00:44 Monday, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), August 21, 2023

Message ID - 1142982526747545651

Also, I’d be happy if they could provide where did I make such a statement:



Also yes, i want this to be public after it’s solved

To be honest, I have some reservations about whether things will be resolved fairly here, given that the so-called “inner circle” doesn’t appear to be held to the same rules and consequences as the rest of the community. I’m not even sure why this complaints section exists.

However, I felt it was necessary to make a proper report, even if it might not lead to justice or a just outcome.

(This is precisely why I hold some personal opinions regarding Wizden’s competence.)

Ah yes, that’s how you deal with people asking logical questions, i see


Project management finds this complaint unsubstantiated.