WarMechanic - Arrivals Sabotage at the very end of the game

SS14 account username: WarMechanic
Ban reason: 1 day ban. Arrivals sabotage
Date of ban: Thursday, April 20 2023 8:16 Am UTC
Length of ban: 1440 minutes
Events leading to the ban: I had joined as a syndicate Station Engineer (there were infinite engineer slots) at the end of the round at about 1 hour and 20 minutes into the shift. I was mostly idling as the round was about to end since the shuttle was arriving in 10 minutes. I guess I figured that nobody else would really be joining the server or doing anything significant. I deconstructed the window leading to the infrastructure and dragged out all the infrastructure towards the arrival shuttle.
Reason the ban should be removed: I don’t have as much time to play SS14 this week. I never expected that my actions would result in a ban (even a short one). I did go AFK after the round ended but in the time I was actually ingame I never got bwoinked by an admin - the ban was sudden to me. Regardless, I’ll be more cautious in the near future around arrivals.

The admin team has decided to keep this ban in place. Due to the impact it can have on players trying to join the game, both sabotage and tampering of the arrivals terminal is prohibited for all players, regardless of antag status, and is strictly enforced. To prevent the line from creeping further and further into the round, a hard line is drawn for the enforcement of when end of round grief may begin. This line is the moment when the round summary appears, everything before this moment, even by seconds, is still fully subject to the rules.

I contact the administrator who placed the ban and they said the reason they didn’t bwoink you is because we do not allow arrival terminal sabotage for any reason, so they didn’t feel it could have resulted in a shorter ban. They instead decided to place a relatively short ban compared to bans we apply in similar situations.

As a side note, when the arrivals shuttle is 10 minutes away it can still be recalled so this is not an indicator that the round will end soon. The arrivals shuttle is frequently recalled after having been called, especially if the call is automatic.

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