Wetchop - Game Ban

SS14 account: Wetchop
Character name: Nolan Honkers
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: Permanent Ban
Reason for Ban: “Admin group decision, Massive powergamer, pointedly ignnored staff ruling.”
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: 
I have been playing as a Chaplain. I sometimes ask to become a security paladin, or medical to assist. I was told that I  shouldn’t repeat it frequently, and do more chaplain RP. I understood, and tried to do as such.

Situation: Next round, I planned to do something interesting, making a religion and picking its members through a Rage Cage. 

I asked the captain to allow me to announce it. The captain didn’t want to pass the ID so that I could make the announcement, but he did give me Command access so that I could. The Command access was to announce, and not to be a Head, to NOT opposes my Heads ban.  It can be seen below in the screenshots.



The Captain later on asked me if I wanted to keep access,  I told him it doesnt matter, because I didnt think that it would make me a head in any way, or cause issue.


Whenever someone asked me "What are you building?" I always even referred to it as a “Holy Place”, hinting at what I am trying to do from the start! (as you can see from the screenshots)






After the rage cage went on, I was about to speak to get into more of the religionRP, dragging injured people to speak with them about it, and fighters, but was contacted by Moony then.


After he contacted me, I didn’t even understand what went wrong. And before I was able to explain myself, I instantly got banned! 

Why you think you should be unbanned:

I genuinely am in love with the community and the game, and if you read my admin chat logs to when Kayek contacted me about slowing down from sec/med access, you can see me really caring & thanking him for teaching me more about the rules, and apologizing for anything I accidentally did wrong.

 I truly was trying to do something new for religionRP that would be interesting to most people, but I wasn’t even able to be given the chance to explain! 

Anything else we should know: I just wish I had more clarification when I was contacted before the ban, so I could be able to explain. Thank you.

I mean this looks pretty open and shut to me. You were given a ban on all roles that had command access. This means you should not have command access. You proceeded to convince the captain to give you command access, circumventing your ban on roles with command access.

Aside from that, you have SIX PAGES of admin communication in our internal relay, as well as three bans (and of course a complete command jobban) over the course of one month. This is a pattern of behavior that attempts to circumvent or outright ignores the rules.

Please just read my explanation. I wasn’t even clarified what specifics I broke.

To clarify once again, I didn’t take Command access to be an actual head role. And I didn’t even know that makes me a head!


Edit: My first ban was appealed, and my second wasn’t given a response till it was small enough to “wait it out”…

I wish to also add that it’s extremely clear that I wasn’t intending to be any command or head role, as none of the other heads, captain, or I ever mentioned it. I really want to emphasize that the Command access  was purely to make a communications announcement  for the ring, nothing more. 

You have a history of frequent borderline antag or outright antag behaviour; the fact you yet again tried to skirt the rules with your role ban isn’t surprising.

Repeating again, I didn’t even know it makes me a “head”, and neither did I even try to be a head…  I did not try to evade, oppose, or skirt my job ban  in any way…

I really just want to say again because I’m extremely worried, as I think these are the only things I am thought of breaking:

  1. I was doing chaplain/religionRP with a special plan.

  2. I did not in any way tried to make myself a head, neither did I ask for any kind of role access, only access to announce, nothing related to requesting security/med access, or becoming a Head.


Thank you all so much for understanding.

It’s been nearly 1 week now. Please let me know, and make sure to check out the last post I sent below. Thank you.

You’ve left out the ahelps with Kayek here, which are really the important part and why I asked him to elevate the ban to appeal:


This was ONE ROUND BEFORE this incident where as chaplain you immediately powergamed to get AA and skirt your jobban. You were told, explicitly, to cut down on the powergaming by constantly getting AA access as non-sec and, not even joking, the very next round, you did that.


After looking at the logs for this round it was really clear that you were manipulating new heads into giving you AA, and he didnt just decide to give you AA for no reason and you kept it.

I keep repeating myself here man, I swear I didn’t try to get AA, or evade a job ban, I was only trying to make an announcement,  only an announcement , please guys cmon.

Please just make sure to read the appeal about the access, I’ve explained it there more thoroughly, but I keep telling you guys, I wasn’t trying to evade my job ban or trying to get special access, I was only trying to make an announcement

And if you some read the transcript between Kayek and me, you could even see me genuinely being sorry and trying to learn from what I did wrong. 



I promise its never my intention to break any of the rules, and I really want to make it clear that I didn’t try to evade my job ban, I only wanted to make an announcement…

It is the unanimous decision of the Wizard Den admin team at this time that you will remain banned. Appeal denied.

You may reappeal in one month.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals