What are the reasonable limits for actions zombies can take

There’s a lot of debate over what kind of actions zombies are allowed to take within a round. I’d like clarification on which of these are allowed and which are not. Generic guidelines would be helpful

  • attacking and damaging structures like windows and barricades

  • destroying power objects like APCs and Substations

  • sabotaging consoles

  • spacing areas

  • breaking into departments when they are not aware of players inside

This question is a bit of a complicated one honestly, because it really depends on first answering the question, or determining at the very least, how smart exactly are these zombies. Some people think they’re really clever still, others see them as really dumb, without a proper clarification for that, it gets a lil difficult to say what they can and can’t do.

Personally, zombies shouldn’t focus on sabotage, at least not on every structure they see. If it’s an object that makes noise and would attract them, like the AME, sure, that has a reason somewhat. Or breaking windows to get to where living beings, animals or humanoids, might be at. I don’t think a zombie would, or should, be smart enough to understand about spacing areas, or destroying comms consoles and the such. But that is, again, all just my own opinion.


Hopefully this answers all your questions. As a very general guideline, zombies can do whatever is reasonable to further their goals of infecting as many others as possible. The rule clarification provides more details of what is recognized as something that furthers this goal and what hinders it. Rules like round stalling are also relevant when it comes to things like destroying comms consoles.

Work needs to be put fourth on coming to a proper admin consensus on the limitations of zombies. Until that point is reached rule one will be used to enforce zombie limitations as admins see best fit.