What constitutes "role ban evasion" as an antagonist.

Current clarification is a plain “No.” without any definition what would and would not be role ban evasion in the context of an antagonist player.

Hypothetical examples:

  1. Player is banned from playing security. Antagonist player dresses up as a security officer with stolen security gear to apprehend a target for an easier kill, clothed as a security officer to draw less attention to themselves.

  2. Player is banned from chemist. Antagonist player raids chemistry to make himself meds and goes away immediately after he’s done, no meds are provided for other people.

  3. Player is banned from command. Antagonist player silently kills a command member and assumes their identity but makes no attempt at actually contributing to the round as that command member. (Ex. Antagonist posing as a captain, who sits in bridge doing nothing because 3/3 greentext until the end of the round and just shitposts on the comms console until the round ends)

  4. Player is banned from medical. Antagonist player wears clothes typical of medical personnel without having any medical access, tools or medicine on hand to avoid security searching for a person with clothes of another department.



The clarification has been updated to address your question. Based on the passed clarification, I believe your examples numbered 1, 2, and 4 would be permitted. It’s not entirely clear to me based on the passed clarification, or based on internal discussion, if your 3rd example would be permitted or not.