what items count as syndicate items


following on from this, what counts as syndicate items for treatment as confirmed antagonists?

i see there being 3 ways of getting syndicate items:

  1. items bought from uplink
  2. items obtained from salvage *and explicitly told to anyone relevant* like c20rs, blood-red magboots, syndie bags
  3. items that are mapped roundstart such as the cybersun pen on marathon or syndicate duffelbag on barratry
    does how you get it affect treatment as an antag, such as buying a cybersun pen from a traitors unlocked uplink versus digging it out of the rocks.

Does the lethality/hostility of an item affect it?
For example, a syndie bag on barratry is not dangerous compared to a c20r from station wreck. do they get different treatment?


An EVA suit on its own is not lethal, but the current rules allow open use of it to cause someone to be treated as an antagonist